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"This is my second time doing business with TreeGP, bought 1B the first time, and 800m this second time, and i gotta say Jake is the best! We had a great chat, and the Gold delivery went over smoothly just like the first time. This is the best company to buy gold from, They are professional and affordable, so if you're someone who's being hesitant on hitting that "Buy" button. Just do it, you wont regret it. Cant wait to do business with this company again in the future!"

Left by Marcus

"Bought 1B RS3 Gold from TreeGP, Excellent customer service! I thought it would take longer due to ordering 1B upfront, the entire process took less than 15mins. Thank you TreeGP for the fast, quick, professional AND affordable service, 10/10 Would Recommend, I hope to do business again soon!"

Left by Marcus

"ordered multiple times, 50m, 25m, 15m, 10m, all at different times. all 100% legit and fast AF!"

Left by Sloppp

"Bought 50m. Got it delivered within 2 minutes after i sent payment. Unreal 10/10"

Left by Pablo Escobar

"Sold them 1B 07, it went super fast. Thanks!"

Left by Sky

"Fast delivery with up-to-date info! Awesome."

Left by stewcifer

"I have Sold 500m. Treegp has very nice people with an excellent service. "

Left by Brian

"Bought 862m, Very clean process. happy with my purchase! believe the live chat support was Jennifer/Michelle. thanks again!"

Left by George Cee

"Great Site came back and bought a few times and had great service each time!"

Left by Zach S

"Just purchased 300 mil. Second transaction. Sweet and smooth. Delivered RS3 gold in <2 minutes this time! Will definitely return for future purchases."

Left by Jose

"5-Star Service. Friendly, fluent English, competent, best price, best place. Period. "

Left by Jose

"I bought 5m and it came within 10 minutes, pretty quick if you ask me."

Left by connor

"AMAZING SITE TO BUY GOLD FROM Just bought another 100m 200m total now and cant be any happier with these amazing people. Keep up the good work! A+++++"

Left by Jesse

"This is the best RSGP website I have ever seen, the service is amazing! Also, the head egg, Jake, is so easy to work with!"

Left by Egg Mcegg

"Just baught some more gold from the good fella Collins, Super Fast and Very Nice Guy. Def #1 Gold Website , Well be Comming Back Soon!"

Left by Sunny

"Just baught 72m from tiffany, she was super fast and helpful in helping me setup my payment method. Well be back for more in the future!"

Left by Sunny

"very fast and cheapest rs gold website i've found"

Left by Sunny

"Very good service and extremely fast :D "

Left by BruvTown

"Very fast transaction! Paid and had the gold in less than 5 minutes, awesome! I'll definitely be back!"

Left by Mike P

"It was midnight when I placed my order, thought i'd have to wait 7 hours, Nope, one task in and I get my Mils!"

Left by Jebs

"Lost the extra 18m I got from "Jake 'From State Farm'" Went all out and purchased a whopping 50m this time from Tiffany again. Super understanding and helpful, even hooked up my homie right after me with an extra 25m purchase even though they were closed for the night! Now that's called 5 star service! #AboveAndBeyond"

Left by Christian M

"Bought another 18m from Jake this time after losing the first 25m to staking. GL me I guess... Plan on being a repeat customer to these guys for a long time!"

Left by Christian m

"Purchased 25m, had to wait a little but, my girl Tiffany holding down the chat was On Point. Most enjoyable OSRS gp purchase I've ever experienced and will never send my money elsewhere regardless of tade rates. These people are meant to earn your business and keep it that way with loyalty programs and rewards and they definitely set the standard high for what is surprisingly low in this business. FIVE FUCKING STARS HOORAH."

Left by Christian M

"fast service !!! very happy"

Left by sam

"Professional, fast, good prices.. having fluent english livechat workers is nice.. wish you guys would have been open years ago. Thx :)"

Left by Thomas

"So friendly, so fast and they always go out of their way to make you're the customer is happy. They're fantastic to deal with and I will always use them. 10/10 as always."

Left by Derrick


Left by DEVAN

"Very good services , well be purchasing some more gold in the future"

Left by Sunny

"Best site Ever! if you want an amazing, fast, easy and perfect site! Treegp is it! Jake/Tiffany are amazing, they know how to make you smile! Highly Recommended!"

Left by Brenton Stewart
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