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The TreeGP Promise is a very simple way to help our valued customers know they will always receive the best price at TreeGP. Link us a goldsite that is cheaper than us, and if we refuse to beat their price you get 100M FREE! (site must be online with stock, and must be older than 6 months old)
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Tired of paying too much for your RSGP? If so we're about to make all of your dreams come true! Here at TreeGP we guarantee you the best price on all of your gold buying needs. A lot of sites will claim they have the best price when it comes to buying OSRS Gp, but the TreeGP promise is that if we don't have the best price on RS gold we'll give you 100M FREE!

One of the biggest problems with buying GP from other websites is that there is a language barrier between the buyer and the seller. Here at TreeGP we will always have english fluent livechat representatives available. This makes it so when you buy RSGP you have the most smooth and simple experience possible.

Buy OSRS GP and RS3 Gold

Not only do we have the best prices on runescape gold, but we also sell cheap RS3 Gold. As we're well aware some people love OSRS and some people love RS3, because of this we keep gold for both game modes to make sure your buying experience is perfect.

Runescape has had a lot of changes over the years, some good and some bad, and because of this when you're on the market to buy runescape gold we'll have it no matter which game mode it is!

One thing about RS is that in order to fully enjoy the game you need a lot of gold. As a gamer myself i've played the game being broke, and having a bank full of OSRS GP. Once you pull the trigger and purchase RSGP you won't look back. It's one of the best purchases i've ever made in my life!


After you make your purchase and decide to buy RSGP, there are hundreds of things you can do. Whether you want to stake, skill, fight other players, go bossing, it doesn't matter, you'll be sure to have the most enjoyable time having your pockets loaded with GP.

Another huge reason TreeGP is the best place to buy gold from is because we are located in the United States. You'll never have to worry about slow delivery times or whether or not your money will disappear after getting sent to a foreign country. All of the OSRS GP we sell here at TreeGP is on American IP's, practically eliminating the chance of getting banned when you buy RSGP.

What makes us the best?

  • Lowest prices
  • Quickest delivery times
  • Most secure trading methods

TreeGP cares about our customers

We realize customers come first, and because of that we are very open to any suggestions on how to make our website better. If you have any input you’d like to give please leave a message in live chat or in the contact us page. If you want to leave a testimonial about your purchase feel free to leave one in the testimonials page!

Now that you know all of this, get to it! Buy RSGP from TreeGP today!